This is homeschooling . . . on the road and with sick children

The DP was up first and let out a bark of a cough, all congesty and such.  I asked her how she felt.  “Fine.”  OK  Now remember, she’s low tone and doesn’t feel much so “fine” doesn’t mean much with me.  “Do you have a sore throat?” “No.”  “Is your nose running?” “No.”  Ummm, let’s just feel that forehead.  Almost burned my hand.  The thermometer read 101.  Then FM#2 got up.  The thermometer said 98.7.   Okay, not really sick.  Then FM#3.  Again, no temp, in fact running a bit low which is fine by me.  Then FM#1.  No temp.  Said he feels fine.  Then FM#2 started complaining about a headache and he always gets a headache when he has a temperature so I felt his forehead.  He was burning up.  Took his temp again.  98.9.  Still not really a temp but he was still burning up to the touch.  For someone whose engine runs so fast, I’m not so sure why he tends to runs cold temperature wise.  Or maybe he just didn’t have it under his tongue the right way.

Moments after 8, I called the pediatrician’s office and got two appointments at 10 and 10:30.  We got breakfast, did some math for FM#1 and everyone got dressed.  Well, almost everyone. We almost left with FM#3 still in his pjs. 🙂  Caught it just in the nick of time.  Of course, it could have been him screaming “mommy, I’m not dressed.”  Yeah, that could have clued me in.  So we were late.  Sigh.  We have 2 hours to get to a doctor’s appt. and we’re late.  Give me 15 minutes and I can get there.  2 hours and I’m late.  Of course, it didn’t help that we still have our car top carrier on our van and couldn’t park in the garage and there were all these cars in the street that could park in the garage but chose not to so I had to go way down the road and park.  And then walk 4 kids in, 3 of whom don’t know how to walk quietly and calmly anywhere but especially if we are near cars and traffic.  I wish I had 5 hands — one for each kid and one for my purse or keys or water bottle — whatever I wanted to carry in the extra hand that day.

The nurse takes their temps and the DP is 100 and FM#2 is 98.7 so still not hot by the thermometer standards but I’m at least reassured that I know how to take his temperature.  So anyway the doctor came in and I told her my recent poor health story and told her that even though my doctor didn’t test for flu, it was probably because I had been sick for so long that there the flu drug wasn’t going to do me any good, so she just treated me for the lovely sinus infection that I have also developed.

The DP had a red throat.  FM#2 had none.  But she had them both swabbed for both strep and flu.  Flu for the DP  and none for FM#2 but the doctor thinks it’s just not showing up yet.  So, she starts writing prescriptions for them and I asked “Should I just go ahead and make appointments now for the others?”  Then she tells me she’ll give me prescriptions for all of them but to wait to fill the others.  Then I ask about FM#1 going on his scout campout this weekend.  Then she tells me not to send him if he has fever but to go ahead and fill his prescription and send it with him in case he comes down with fever so that then it can be given to him.

Off we go to the pharmacy and they tell us an hour.  Yikes.  We’re really busy they say.  Yea, apparently everybody has the flu or something.  So we run home to administer Tylenol to work on the fever, do potty breaks and get me more water.  (I put that last part in in case Coach Mom reads this but it was really true.)  Then off to McDonald’s drive thru for lunch (don’t read that part CoachMom) because let’s just say the pantry is a bit bare and I’m not taking them into any stores.  Then back to the pharmacy where we are early so I put in a book on tape — The Borrowers — and we eat in the parking lot keeping our germs to ourselves.  Then FM#1 asks for a second napkin and I’m so happy he is finally using them and so, after a moment, I turn around to tell him so to see him dabbing at a huge amount of barbecue sauce on his shirt and shorts and . . .  So I put the car back in drive (or maybe it was reverse first) and we run home for him to change and then go back to the pharmacy and get our scripts and $105 later (yikes) we are off to speech therapy where I take the non-germy, non-symptom FM#3 in and leave the others in the car.  Then we sit in the car and do a read aloud and a couple of read alongs for the emerging readers and then FM#3 is finished and we come home.

So that is school on the road with sick kids.  Not a lot of school but some.  Not tons and tons like FM#3 likes to say but something is better than nothing, right?


5 Responses

  1. wow! You did way more than I ever did with sick kids. “Here’s the Veggie Tales and the Teddy Grahams. Don’t move.”

  2. Maybe it was guilt over a fun day trip last Friday where we did no school and then all the minimal school we’ve done this week while I could barely hold my head up.

  3. Hey, didn’t there used to be days when the sick got to stay in bed or watch videos on the couch all day? Ah, those public school kid days… Hee hee. I bet your kids will still treasure this as a special memory.

    Yes, the pharmacies seem to be on overload lately. It’s SUCH a wait any time.

  4. You do on the road school with sick kids really, really well!! You must have had lots of practice. 😉

  5. Happy April! We’ve got the April showers here today, and I’ve got little pots of seedling May flowers starting to grow. (Of course, it was snowing yesterday, but oh, well.)

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