The longest school field trip ever – Days One and Two, on the road again

Okay, I’m going to see if I can blog about this and be consistent.  I’m feeling the pressure now that Laurie is commenting on my blog.  I’m also concerned that  about the fact that I don’t know how to add pictures to wordpress but perhaps I can figure that out because that’s the best part of our trip.

We left Houston on a Monday and stopped just over the border in Georgia visiting a friend from TLT(TOG {Tapestry of Grace — our history/literature/geography/fine arts/music appreciation/vocabulary curriculum} Loose Threads).  Although we had never met, she had invited us to spend the night in her home.  Now, as crazy as the idea of spending the night of the house of someone you have never met before might seem, this was not the first time we had done this.  Also, my matron of honor, before she had married, had been on missionary training with this couple (before kids) and so I sort of knew her. Right?

Her kids (4 boys, ranging in age from slightly older than FM#1 (Future Man #1) to slightly younger than FM#3) and our kids got along great.  Her (and her husband’s) house was just beautiful and so well built for our crazy kids!  This is because she has this huge basement where the kids could play to their heart’s content and the parents could sit in the living room, enjoying each others company, and not hear pounding over their heads.  This means there is not the constant worry about this crash or that one and makes a delightful time even more enjoyable.  We let them stay up way past their bedtimes and in the morning they were all sorry to part company.  Even the DP (Dear Princess) fit in, apparently earning the nickname of Huggy Bear from my friend’s FM#4. 🙂  My friend was quite gracious and packed us “breakfast to go” so we could get a quick start.  Unfortunately, our start still wasn’t that quick since our A/C had gone out and we had to make a stop at their mechanic’s place to get some more freon or whatever the stuff is that they put in the system nowadays.  BTW, it’s out again so apparently we have a leak, since this was just done in September.  Here are the moms with the kids.  I’m the one with kids in matching outfits.  I tried to keep this up for most of the trip so that if someone was lost (a real possibility with our crew), I could tell the police “He was wearing an outfit just like this.”  I don’t know why I say “he” because the only time we lost a child it was the girl but I’ll let EuroMom tell that story if she wishes.

Us with our Georgia TLT friends
Us with our Georgia TLT friends

The second day, we made it all the way to Williamsburg but it was pretty late by the time we got there because of our A/C repair.  We were somewhat brutal that day with no long stops for the kids to run around.  Just a couple of short ones where we did speed drills.  We even drove through Charlotte, where we used to live, and called nobody.  Yes, I know, we are real slugs for that but we had a destination and were way behind schedule.  Driving through the back roads of VA, which is what it seemed from the path we took, during the black of night with no street lights (yes, can you say city girl?) was a bit harrowing.  I kept thinking we were going into the woods where the headless horseman was and that it really wasn’t the path to Williamsburg.  Perhaps I thought this because I was driving and everybody else in the car was asleep and I felt quite alone with no cars near me.  So, anyway, it wasn’t until the next morning that we really saw our accommodations:  a condo complex built on the site of an old plantation.  The plantation house is still there and there is a cannonball in one wall of the house from the Civil War.  Every evening, they have a drum and fife playing in front to make you feel like you are living during the Revolution.

A bit of music at the Historic Powhatan Plantation
A bit of music at the Historic Powhatan Plantation

This really did make you feel like you were surrounded by history, even when you went to bed at night.

Another view with the house in the background.
Another view with the house in the background.
Traffic stopped for the Canadian Geese who ruled the whole plantation.
Traffic stopped for the Canadian Geese who ruled the whole plantation.
They just sort of moved from pond to pond on the property, all day long.
They just sort of moved from pond to pond on the property, all day long.

We really enjoyed our accommodations but would have liked a few more dishes.  The condo slept 6 so they had 6 of everything but not anymore.  Sometimes, at dinner, we needed more than that with sides and desserts and such.  Also, in the morning, there wasn’t enough used to run the dishes but we would need them for dinner, so we had to hand wash them which delayed a fast start out the door for sightseeing.  But it had some great, fun, pools for the kids and it was warm enough for them to enjoy them.  We were off to a great start and looking forward to our whole experience.  Ike was not yet in the Gulf and we were oblivious to the decision we would have to make at the end of the week of whether or not to continue our vacation or return home to look after our property.

The next post will be our actual visit to Colonial Williamsburg.  I would say “tomorrow’s post” but that would be a bit too hopeful. 😉


5 Responses

  1. Yea! The whole family ran in to see this entry! Your description of driving the back roads of VA at night and imagining the headless horseman made me laugh! I had a similar experience in 2004. We were driving to a KOA Kampground outside of Fredericksburg, VA around 10pm. It was of course, dark, misty and foggy and drizzly, due to Hurricane Bonnie which had entered VA from FL as a Tropical Depression. Through the headlight beams in the mist I could “see” Civil War soldiers carefully stalking the area with their guns, looking for the enemy. (Fredericksburg has a Civil War battlefield.) Funny how you and I think alike!
    BTW, my husband and the company at the Pentagon just agreed on salary and he is filling out the application now.

  2. I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to go to Williamsburg. Maybe someday.

  3. Thanks for sharing. This looks like such a fun trip to take with your kids. Your photos look great; I’m glad that you figured out how to upload them.

  4. This brings back memories of my trip there in 2007. And of my upcoming trip in two weeks!

    Nice pictures.

  5. We had the same complaint about Powhatan Plantation – not enough dishes! But we loved staying there. Afterwards the children said for WEEKS, “I want to live in a condo”. (their wish may come true!) Can’t wait to read more – hint, hint. The pics are great! So glad you figured out how to upload them.

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