Because I know trouble when I see it

Last week, on FM#3’s birthday, FM#2 woke up complaining that his ear hurt when he yawned.  Hmmm.   Strange.  I took his temperature and there was none so I dismissed it.  I thought “If it gets worse, I’ll take him to the dentist,” thinking that it must have something to do with his jaw.

Since it was Tuesday, we went about our normal Tuesday business and went to therapy for the kids.  It was an hour when FM#2 was out (not back seeing a therapist) and he stretched and yawned and quickly dissolved into tears from the pain in his ear.  Okay, now, that was alarming!  A speech therapist who was in the waiting room recommended that we dampen a paper towel, put it in a cup and in the microwave and create a miniature steamer to place over his ear.  We did this and he seemed to improve but I called the pediatrician’s office to see if we could get in when we were finished at therapy.  My regular pediatrician was out but they said we could see her partner.  Now, I’m not thrilled with her partner, who we’ve never seen before, because he missed a MAJOR diagnosis for a friend of mine’s child but I thought, “he can at least diagnose an ear infection and give us antibiotics” so in we went.

He’s actually a very funny guy and I like him more than I expected to but I don’t want him to be our regular doctor because, well, he missed a major diagnosis.  He’s not up on the latest and greatest and is a bit behind the times.  But he was funny.  Which FM#2 liked.  So, for some reason, I start talking about the time that FM#2 put something in his ear when we were living in North Carolina and it was in there for at least a month!  Btw, FM#2 still had no temperature.  The doctor looked in his ear and guess what?  There was something in there.  A little piece of foil from a Hershey’s kiss.  Hmmm, let me think, when did they last have Hershey kisses to eat?  I guess that would be during advent when they got candy every night from our advent calendar.

After they got it out, the doctor reinspected his ear and then turned to me and asked “Why did you start talking about the time in NC when he put something in his ear before I even examined him?”  A very astute observation I might add.   “Ummm, because he’s trouble and has a hard time learning his lesson,” I mouthed to the doctor.  But we do love FM#2 so much because he makes our lives so much more interesting. 😉  I also mentioned that the child has never had an ear infection in his life, had not had a cold, no runny nose and it seemed like a rather sudden onslaught of  an illness.  The doctor then told FM#2 he was free to put his shoulder or elbow in his ear but every thing else had to stay out.  FM#2 thought that was funny too.  The doctor really has a way with kids which you would expect from a pediatrician but which I don’t always see.  He has a great bedside manner.  I just wish he was a better doctor.