Steal second?

About a month ago, the kids sang at the beginning of our church service.  Not FM#1 of course because he’s a big boy now but all the rest were up front.  In our family, there is always the tension of getting there early so the kids can be in place and practice once or twice and not getting there so early that they are bored and start causing trouble.  😀

I thought we had timed it perfectly but I was so very wrong.  FM#3 got bored and decided to pick on a pastor’s kid.  Why pick on just any kid when you can maybe take out the child of a man of the cloth and draw even more attention to yourself?  This particular boy is the oldest boy of the RUF minister at a local university.  FM#3 decided he needed a bear hug.  The other child was not so sure he needed a bear hug but is too sweet to fight back.  The minister of music, who was tasked with running this whole endeavor which is probably the least favorite task in his job description, saw that a takedown was about to happen and had the audacity to tell FM#3 to stop and he may have even used the word “no”.  This elicited a stare of shooting darts from FM#3.  The minister of music was oblivious to the shooting darts of death coming from FM#3’s eyes but we, the parents, were not.  My Beloved, in an effort to put him in a better mood, started giving him a thumbs up and smiling at him.  FM#3 finally responded and gave us a smile and a thumbs up back.  All was right with the world.

And then he started giving us some other signals.  He pointed to the heavens and then looked up.  I’m not sure what he was trying to say.  Maybe that God was watching him?  Maybe that God was watching us?  It seemed a bit more understandable than what followed.  What followed did not make much sense.  Actually, it didn’t make any sense at all but FM#3 kept sending signals.  He went on and on and on . . .

The family sitting behind us had some family members visiting.  The visitors were in hysterics.  I heard them making comments and laughing.  And then I heard the people they were with say “It’s their son!” and turned around enough to see the wife pointing to us.

Me?  I was laughing so hard I was crying.  Others would have been mortified.  I’m WAY past that.  He’s the fourth child.  I got over being embarrassed decades ago. 🙂

When we passed the peace and greeted those around us, the visitors asked us what he was saying.  We told them we had no idea but it looked like he was telling us to steal second.  They told us that he was so cute and that he stole the show.  Yes, we know.  They told us that they hoped we weren’t too embarrassed because there is always a kid who acts up at every one of these things.  We told them that we were happy to serve the church and provide that child so that other families were spared. 😉

We’ll probably be providing this service for a few years to come.


3 Responses

  1. Wouldn’t you love to know what he was really saying???!!! He is so funny!

  2. Ha! Such a good attitude you had to what could have been embarrassing. I love the idea that he was signaling to steal second. He certainly signaled to steal the show. God bless sweet children! And you, too.

    It’s a tough bit for me with parenting one of mine. If you have any prayers for me, I’d appreciate it. WISDOM! PATIENCE! WISDOM! I just don’t know what to do. And, also pray for said child, Little Miss.

  3. We can’t believe he’s five already! Wow!

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