The librarians need to be familiar with their own material

We borrowed a DVD from the library and it was scratched so I ran it back by today and ran in to tell them.  I was going to leave all the kids in the car but FM#3 wanted to come in.  As I turned to leave after checking to see if some of my holds had come in, FM#3 asked “Is that George Washington – spymaster?  The librarian said “That’s a bust of PRESIDENT George Washington.”  FM#3 said, “No, he’s George Washington, SPYMASTER.”  The librarian looked at me like I was teaching my children the strangest things.  I explained to her that we were listening to an audio book on the spy rings that George Washington ran during the Revolutionary War.  George Washington, Spymaster.

She found it fascinating and wanted to know more.  Then I told her it was from HER library.  She seemed a bit, umm, embarrassed.

And I realized that the 4 year old is picking up on more than I thought. 🙂


Pharaoh and Moses – live from the family room

The kids are watching the rest of The Ten Commandments.  FM#3, who hurt his knee (just a flesh wound, my dear) on the way in from the car when he ran to the door because he must be first to the house, is resting on the couch and holding court.  Apparently, he’s Pharaoh.  FM#2 is Moses.  Every few minutes, Moses is coming and saying “Let my people go!” and Pharaoh is saying, “No.”  For every no, there is a plague.  For the last no, Moses said, “Okay, that means flies.”  Pharaoh responded, “That won’t bug me” said in the smuggest of voices.

Some things just aren’t meant to be healthy

My mother suggested that I serve stuffing with dinner for the kids.  She thought they might like it.  She said Stove Top Stuffing was pretty good.  This is my mother who makes my all time favorite stuffing and even though she’s 87, us mean kids still make her make it everything Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Because well, we wouldn’t be actually celebrating those holidays if we didn’t have mom’s stuffing.  So I go to the store and peruse the shelves and think “whole wheat is better for us than that other stuff since this out of a box and not homemade.”  And all I can say is yuck, blech, never again.  And everybody agrees. 🙂

Except I have another box of it.  So maybe one more time.  It’s very sad.

Which just goes to show that he’s one big flirt

Last night we had our neighborhood supper club meeting and my mom came over to watch the kids while we went.  When I broke the news to them that we were leaving and that Granny was coming over, FM#3 was quite happy.  He said, “I’m so glad.  I like Granny.  I love Granny.  She’s my beautiful girl.”  I’m pretty sure that my 87 year old mom hasn’t been called a girl in a long, long time.

My kids are so strange

Tonight’s menu:  roasted chicken breast, roasted new potatoes with rosemary seasoning and broccoli.  My pickiest eater asked for yogurt and one of the above.  Guess which one.  Yep, the broccoli.  Okay, so is there any other kid in the world who passes over the chicken and the potatoes and goes for the broccoli.  Another child shouted with glee when I said we were having broccoli tonight.  It’s just downright bizarre.

Yes, I’m still alive

In my last post, I promised to blog more often and then went longer without blogging, so I thought I’d finally update.  We went on vacation at the beginning of September to Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown and the D.C. area.  We also visited Monticello and Montpelier.  I hope to upload pictures and do a travel diary soon but for now, you’ll just have to settle for some “heard around the house”.

From FM#3:

My Beloved to FM#3: I love you so much.

FM#3:  And me too, sweetheart.

Then he ran off to go play outside but had second thoughts and turned around.

FM#3:  What does sweetheart mean?

We explained it and he seemed satisfied and turned to go outside again.  As he ran out the door, we heard:  “I love you so much, sweetheart.”  🙂

Then this morning, after thanking me for dressing him (his a very grateful child and it’s quite wonderful), he saw that I had covered the remains of his second helpings at breakfast.  “Thank you mommy.  You’re my best sweetheart.”  What’s not to love?

Yesterday was one of my BILs birthdays.  He also has a twin brother who is not married and who my mom always includes at any family occasion.  Sometimes he makes it, sometimes he doesn’t.  We haven’t seen him since last Thanksgiving and I was in the kitchen with him and mom last night when FM#2 came in, walked up to him and said “Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t believe I’ve introduced myself.  I’m FM#2 (and said his first and last name).”  He stuck out his hand and gave a firm handshake.  I wanted to say “and I just look like I’m 7 —  I’m actually 40.”  😉

Today is my brother’s birthday and there is no celebration.  He’s worn out from radiation and chemotherapy.  He goes back on the 14th to get another MRI of his brain.  Pray there are no tumors but from what I hear of his diagnosis and the very aggressive cancer he has, they expect to see something.