Overheard around the house

I already wrote this post once and then it went zowey.  I can’t believe WordPress did that to me.  It couldn’t have been operator error.  Oh no, never that. 😉  So anyway, I wrote it before I forgot all the cute sayings and now, I fear I may have forgotten most of them.  But maybe they’ll come back to me as I write.
Probably not because I wrote it all down last week before we went to a homeschool conference.  And even though it’s been less than a week, it seems like decades ago.  The conference was wonderful and let me tell you, if you ever have an opportunity to hear Jeff Myers speak, grab it.  The conference was also exhausting as it was about 45 minutes away and there were speakers every evening, too.  Friday night was Jim Weiss of Greathall Productions who we just love.  Now, having met him in person, I want every CD he has produced.  On a side note, I have 3 of the 4 volumes of Susan Wise Bauer’s *Story of the World* on CD, none of them the ones done by Jim Weiss.    Now, I want his but I will resist the urge and save my money.  But I want them.  I’ve wanted them since I heard he was doing them.  These are the things I dream of having if we ever become rich.  Some want fancy European vacations.  Those would be boring.  Europe, yes.  Fancy, no.  You don’t get to meet everyday people which are the blessing of every country.  But if we are every rich — me? I want more homeschool materials. 🙂

The conference was also exhausting because the International Olympic Committee had the audacity to schedule the Summer Olympics to overlap the conference.  We are, of course, compelled to turn on the television every night to see what events are on tonight and then sit and watch them when we should be getting ourselves into bed.  I am utterly and completely exhausted.  I also know I will not go to bed early tonight either.  How much longer are these Games?  I don’t know if I’ll survive if they go on for much longer.

Okay, now to the meat of the blog entry.  They are all from FM#3.  Apparently, 4 is a good age for cute quotes.

My Beloved:  “FM#3, who made you so smart?”

FM#3:  “God.  And God made me funny, too.”

FM#3, upon spotting a dish he didn’t recognize at dinner:  “Do I like this?”

Me:  “Yes, it’s quite yummy.”  Okay, so I lie to my kids.  It was yummy but do you really say to a finicky eater “you’ve never had this before”?  I mean, if you want them to actually eat it.  One could be honest but then why fix dinner?  Because if it’s not one of say, 3 dishes, a finicky eater is not partaking of it.

FM#3, cautiously taking a bite and then chewing more enthusiastically and swallowing.  “It’s fabulous.”

Can anyone tell me where a 4 year old learns the word “fabulous”?  It did warm this mother’s heart, however.

FM#3:  “My brain is getting bigger, bigger and soon I’ll be a genius.”

Okay, so does anyone know where a 4 year old learns the word “genius”?

FM#3:  “Mom, I’m super hungry and super firsty (thirsty), so can you can get me some super food?”

And said moments before the first time I tried to post these from FM#3:  “My dream has exploded.”

This last one really has me puzzled and I welcome any insight you might have.  And just to cut some ideas off at the pass, he’s been up for a while and he wasn’t awakened by any loud noises.

Told about later and not said at our house but when visiting Memof6 and her brood:

FM#3, being held by SoccerLowen (daughter of Memof6), and being kept safe from a dog who could potentially lick him:  “You are the sweetest girl in the whole world.”

I told you he was a flirt.

I’ll try to post again before another 6 weeks are up.

And keep from making TeacherPerson think that perhaps I’ve died.  She’s been wondering what I’ve been up to and the sad thing is that I really can’t remember.  We did take a short vacation but I think she’s been to camp and back 2 times since the last time I’ve blogged.  I have been doing school and planning but I certainly haven’t been busy enough to justify my quietness.  Maybe the kids just haven’t been that funny.  That’s it.  I’ll blame it on them. 🙂