This may explain even more

Yesterday I put on a fresh pair of pants that have a belt loop right where I’m supposed to put my pedometer.  I’m still wearing it to make sure I approach my 10,000 steps everyday.  Doing better, btw, but not great.  Hit 11,617 on the 4th of July.  Not that I’m making notes or anything, though.  Woohoo.  So anyway, yesterday, I just moved the pedometer to the center a bit more.  Not above the middle of my thigh like it said.  Then I did some chores around the house and once all the kids were ready, we too Drake the dog on a walk.  It was a mile.  I know this because I’ve measured our path by car before.  I got home and checked my pedometer — 369 steps.  Uhh, excuse me?  I just walked a mile which is approximately 2000 steps, plus did some walking around the house and you’re saying I haven’t even broken 500 yet?

Maybe I was wearing these pants the days when I got really low recordings.  Because I’ve have really been trying to up my activity level.

And for those of you who have been waiting with baited breath for my plan, here it is:  I try, when I remember, to get up every hour and march in place or around in a circle for 5 minutes.  I figure “get a little activity and boost up your metabolism a bit, too.”  I haven’t been good at remembering every waking hour but I’m getting better.   I’ve also noticed that marching in place records less steps on my pedometer than moving forward so I’m trying to move forward.  I’m also doing some strength training at home.  I’ll keep everyone updated because I know you are just dying of curiosity and can’t concentrate on your everyday tasks. 🙂


Sir, yes sir!

Because we have cable and because we are a bit of a military family, we watched “The Making of a Marine” on the Military Channel the other day.  Okay, so 5 members of the family watched it.  I might have been watching Wimbledon or something.  Maybe, just maybe, I was out of the room. 😉

Apparently, it held my children’s rapt attention.  And they wanted life run like boot camp around here.  And without much encouragement, they obeyed all orders right away.  For a night.  It was bliss.  And I got a lot of “Ma’am, yes, ma’am”s.  But then I told them that the drill sargeant Marines in boot camp want you to do well but they never will love them like their mommy and daddy do and so life wasn’t going to be a boot camp in this family.  But they still wanted to play Marine.  Especially, FM#3 except he called it being a “submarine” and if you tried to correct him, he got very mad so I just let him be a submarine which is either a boat or a Marine who is below par.