A better name for them

Since we now have a dog, we take lots of walks up and down the street.  We have also discovered that indeed small dogs think they must take on all large dogs that come near their territory.  Thus we now know where the chihuahua down the street lives.

Sometimes, we will drive by the chihuahua’s house and FM#3 always likes to point out which one it is.  He says, “There is the chickie chickie wau wau’s house.”  So now we call all chihuahuas chickie chickie wau waus and it it’s much more fun. 🙂


That explains a lot

I have slowly, and sometimes not so slowly, been adding on the pounds over the last few years.  Breaking my right foot and then, a little over a year later, my left foot has not helped.    And as much as I sometimes chase after little ones, sitting on my duff all day long while we homeschool does not help. 

I’ve been wearing a pedometer for the past couple of weeks.  Just going about my normal activity, not exercising, per se.  Okay, not exercising at all.  Last week, the kids were in VBS and every morning, I would walk them in, dropping the three older kids one place and FM#3 in another location in the church — on the other side of the church.  A not huge church.  Then I would reverse the routine at noon.  I also helped to walk Drake the dog a couple of times.  I haven’t counted that as exercise because that was not the point of my presence.  Keeping FM#3 out of traffic was the point.

I would also like to do what the good docs in “You, the Owner’s Manual” recommend — 10,000 steps.  Every day.  I haven’t been attempting the 10,000 steps yet.  I just wanted to see how far away I was the goal when I’m just being a mom with no added activity.  Last week, I did about 30 to 40 per cent every day.  This week, with no VBS and having not participated in not one walk, I’m doing about 1/9 of what they consider healthy.  Not an exercise regimen, necessarily but just healthy activity.  A little over 10% of what is considered a healthy activity level for an adult.

Boy, am I one big, fat couch potato.  Except, I’m not doing what one pictures when one pictures a couch potato.  I’m being productive, just not with my body.

And so now I understand a bit better why the weight just keeps going up.  I’m getting older and so my metabolism is slowing down and I’m sitting around all day long.  So I have a plan.  If it works, I’ll let you know what it was. 🙂

At least he’s earning his pay

We have a new member of the family as of about a month ago — Drake, a 2 year old black lab.  His “parents” moved to Dallas when the father tooka new position as youth minister with a church up there.  Unfortunately, their house and 3 acres of land down here have not sold.  Drake did not enjoy his stay in the apartment they are leasing and so he was “free to a good home.”  We are that good home.  I guess the people don’t know us that well. 😉

Drake loves to bark.  He loves to bark when we leave.  He loves to bark when we come home.  He loves to bark when he’s not getting enough attention.  He doesn’t bark all the time but he does bark quite often.  It’s a bit annoying.  Since he barks when we leave, it’s more annoying for the neighbors than us.  I told my Beloved that I was going to get a citronella collar which emits a citronella spray whenever the dogs bark.  It doesn’t spray in their face but they don’t like the smell and it discourages the barking.  My Beloved said he didn’t mind the barking.  At least it keeps strangers away.

Oh, yeah?  When the meter reader came and tried the back gate and couldn’t get in, we didn’t know about it until he rang the doorbell.  “Good point,” said my Beloved.  I was okayed for the collar.  Then one night at 1 am, Drake barked.  Endlessly.  I may have called him the stupid dog in the morning.  Nobody in this house heard him but me but I certainly heard him.  Tried to discourage him from barking.  Nothing worked.  Then, the next morning, we saw that the neighbor’s house had been wrapped for the 10 year old’s birthday.  I was shocked that parents would bring kids out at 1 am in the morning for a house wrapping.  I told my husband about the barking and we connected it to the house wrapping.  My Beloved said, “At least he’s earning his pay.”  We felt better protected.  I mentioned to my neighbor the shock of letting kids out at 1 am.  She said, “Oh, no. It was about 10 pm that they did it.” 

We were up at 10pm.  Drake did not bark once.  So it must have been a cat after all.  Citronella collar, here we come.

This is just great – not

FM#1 will often asks questions saying “I take it, . . .”  Drives me UP THE WALL.  If you think you know the answer, don’t ask the question.  If you don’t know the answer, don’t start with “I take it.”  Tonight, the DP was setting the table and said, “I take it . . .” so I got on her case, too.  I was gentle about it but I got on her case.

Then I was getting ready to serve it all up and I said to my husband “I take it”  ARGGGHHHH.  I hate it when my kids get really annoying habits from me.  Then I have absolutely nobody to blame.  I just hate that.  Who said homeschooling is mainly about the sanctification of the mom?

Sadly, the truth

From my Beloved the other day:  “Sometimes, it’s hard to act like an adult when you have kids.”   And he was not talking about acting like a kid in a good way.  Yes, sometimes it’s hard and when it’s hard, I often fail.  Gotta remember to act like the grown up that I am.

Still need to work on his theology

Tomorrow, FM#1 and FM#2 are taking communion for the first time.  My Beloved had requested that I get them haircuts for the occasion.  Actually, he had sort of insisted.  And while, I will often do it myself, I didn’t want them looking funky in front of the whole congregation.  Not, that my haircuts ever turn out funky. 😉  So it was off to Cool Cuts 4 Kids on Wednesday afternoon.

In Cool Cuts 4 Kids they have toys for sale which I’m not sure the point of other than making parents lives miserable and thus reduce how often you take them in. 🙂  FM#3 spotted something he needed.  I told him he didn’t need it.  Now, a bit of an aside here — we catechize our children:  “Who made you?” “What else did God make?” “Why did God make all things?”  When I told FM#3 that he didn’t need the toy, he responded with “Yes, I do.  I need it for my own glory.”  Which pretty much sums up the sin nature of man.