Funny but a bit wrong theologically speaking

We catechize our children all the time.  Especially my Beloved.  So at lunch on Monday, he took the opportunity to work with FM#3.

My Beloved:  “FM #3, who made you?”

FM#3:  “God.” (said in a long drawn out way with joy in his voice because he knows he got it right)

My Beloved: “And who made you so cute?”

FM#3: “An angel.” (said with a smile in his voice because he’s so cute)


I think I’m really tired

Last night, while I was asleep, I dreamed of going to bed earlier.

Anybody else ever dream of sleeping while they were sleeping?

The words, they just flow

Today is therapy day.  We spend hours there with various ones back at various times.  It’s usually kind of boring but today we had a bit more excitement.  For one, we saw a family from our church and our neighborhood that is usually there on another day of the week.  Our other excitement was that today was fish tank cleaning day.  There were 3 people to take care of the task.  One, I think, was a fish tank cleaner in training.  He was one of the guys.  There was another guy there who was clearly in charge.  And then there was a girl whose role seemed to be one of assistant, handing the head guy things as he needed them.  Sort of like a nurse in the surgical theatre except fish tank cleaning doesn’t seem to be quite that complicated. 

I didn’t really see the need for her position.  

I also wondered what this guy charged.  I mean, 3 people for a one person job and I’m thinking it’s the Cadillac of fish tank cleaning services. 🙂

But I had my secret weapon and knew I would soon have the full story.  You see, when they were there, FM#2 was not in the back with a therapist.  And FM#2 is an information gatherer.  And not shy.  No, he’s definitely not shy.  So he started quizzing the head guy.  Who started to laugh because he was getting so many questions.  And when FM#2 had all of the ins and outs of the fish tank cleaning business down, he started delving into relationships because FM#2 is very relational.  And empathetic.  He noticed head guy rubbing his back and started asking for details about that.  So anyway, he wanted to know if the two guys were brothers.  No.  Okay, head guy, “is that your sister?”  Laughter.  “No, she’s my girlfriend.” 

“What does she do?” asks FM#2, as in why is she here?


“Is she just really good at watching?” suggests FM#2

More laughter.  “Yes.”

“I’m really good at talking” says FM#2.  Truer words were never spoken.

One thing leads to another

We got a dog this week.  A 2 year old purebred black lab.  And he was free.  Okay, not free once you add up all the money I spent on his stuff.  So anyway, FM#3 is a bit afraid of him (from an incident from last summer that I won’t go into) but he likes to stand just inside the back door, with the door slightly ajar, and say “Drake (dog’s name), you can’t get me, you can’t me.”  Say with a slightly taunting tone to your voice and you’ll have it just right. 😦  So, since the door is open, flies come in, into where it is not 100 degrees and there is FOOD!  Well, we’ve had issues with fruit flies before and so when a huge housefly dive bombed us at dinner, FM#3, screamed “It’s a really big fruit fly.  Get him away from me.”  I said, “No, it’s a housefly, not a fruit fly.”  Then it dive bombed again and FM#3 yelled, “Get the house bug, get the house bug.” 

So now we call them house bugs. 

Because it’s so much cuter.

Have a patriotic Memorial Day.  We’re off to the pool. 🙂