I love you, you love me, we’re one, big, happy family

Last night, my Beloved arrived home late, after a long, hard day.  I gave him a hug.  I kept hugging him with my back to the children.  He started talking to them, going in order around the table:  “Daddy loves FM#3.  Daddy loves the DP.  Daddy loves FM#2.  Daddy loves FM#1.”  End of his comments.

FM#3 was not happy.  “And Daddy woves Mommy.”

My Beloved: “Yes,  Daddy loves Mommy.”

FM#3, with great glee in his voice:  “And Mommy woves Daddy.”

Glad we got that sorted out. 😉


Because of all the pressure

I don’t know why I haven’t posted except to say that I’ve been busy.  Except that I don’t feel any busier.  But TeacherPerson basically wonders if I’ve fallen off the face of the earth although she’s too polite to say so.  No Teacherperson, I haven’t and I love reading your posts of your life in England even though I never take the time to log into Xanga and comment.  I got this bad habit from Memof6.  Gotta blame someone, Mem. 😉

Mem and her fam are looking for funny stories.  They apparently take delight in my suffering.  So be it.  Okay, I’ll post this one even though I think I told Mem already.  Perhaps, she’s forgotten and it’ll bring about another laugh.

So, FM#3 had gotten into this habit of dismissing any correction with the word “Whatever”, said with great disdain.  Except that he got the word wrong and said, “Forever” instead.  And if I ignored him, he just yelled it louder.  “FOREVER, MOMMY!” and slammed the bathroom door because that is the door that closes the best in this house so it can be slammed with great force.  To be honest, it’s kind of annoying to be dissed by a 4 year old.  And ignoring the behavior, in the short term, just excacerbated it but I kept ignoring it.  And got about 200 or so “Forever”s in a week.

So, it’s time for our weekly speech therapy appointment and his therapist asks for new developments.  I tell her the “forever” story and she laughs.  It’s funnier because he has the word wrong.  I have no idea where he got it from.  You can be certain the older kids don’t say it to anybody.

Then FM#3’s speech therapy session is over with and his speech therapist is amazed at how well he is saying is “f’s”.  She has no idea what has brought about the change.  I do.  So, I put my hands on my hips and with a flip of my head say “Forever, Karen.”  (Not her real name.)  She laughs.  She says, “Oh, I forgot.  I guess he’s saying it quite a bit?”  “You have no idea,” I reply, rolling my eyes.

Thankfully, this phase has passed pretty much.  But it’s still funny to think about.  And my Beloved and I say “forever” to one another all the time when there are no kids around.  And then we smile.  🙂