Not only does he have the best lines but . . .

he has the best opportunities for the best lines.  On our way to dinner tonight, there was a ladybug in the car.  It landed on . . . yes, FM#2.  FM#2 immediately named the bug.  “Lady” seemed appropriate in his 7 year old mind.  I announced that “Lady” would be set free upon our arrival at our destination.  There was some negotiation attempted.  I was unmoved.  FM#2 complied.  As he walked into the building, FM#2 announced, “I’m going to miss the old chap.”


Why is it . . .

that on the days I can sleep in, the kids get up early and are noisy and on the days when I’m up and am letting my husband sleep in, the kids sleep in, too?  Does he really need more sleep than I do?

A new blog

Well, Xanga drove me off.  I won’t tell what the ad was that sent me over the edge but it was offensive to me and, if others got the same one, then it was probably offensive to my readers.  This blog will definitely be a work in progress with a high learning curve for me but I hope to make it more about our homeschool and not just the funny things the kids do.

My blog name: I challenged my Beloved to come up with a new name because I couldn’t think of anything and he asked me what the theme of my blog was and I said “My life with my kids.”  He then said, “well, there’s your name.”  I was silent for a moment (an amazing thing in and of itself) as I ruminated on this and he took the silence to be disapproval and suggested something else.  I don’t remember what it was.  I said, “I don’t know, I sort of like my life with my kids.” 

FM#2, who had just come into the room and is quick to pick up on everything, asked “Where are you going?”

“I’m not going anywhere,” I answered, confused because I’m slow to pick up on everything. 

I then realized how it sounded to him and hugged him and said, “I’m not going anywhere, honey.” 

“So, you’re just saying you like being with us?”


“Even though sometimes we’re annoying?”  Ugh.  Okay, I have never ever said to them that they were annoying.  I have just acted that way.  So, a bit of conviction there. 

“No, honey, you’re not annoying.  Mommy just needs more patience and understanding.  Sometimes I act like that but you are really just being kids.  Mommy needs to understand that more.  It’s part of my sanctification.” 

My Beloved, who had no part of this conversation directed towards him, started feeling convicted himself and said, “Daddy needs to learn that, too.” 

And thus ends our spiritual lesson for the day.